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About Us

Autonautix provides engineering expertise and solutions for remotely-piloted aircraft command and control systems and information exchange architectures. We provide all of the support necessary to ensure your unmanned system performs as you need beyond the ground segment.


AutoNautiX has over 16 years of continuous experience in design, development, integration, test, deployment and operational support of Remotely-Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems and communications and network systems. Our engineering staff brings a unique combination of developmental and real-world experience and skills, expertise in a wide range of unmanned and associated systems and technologies via innovative, cost effective problem solving skills. Our engineering staff has provided quick, effective, supportable solutions to unmanned systems, delivering a customer-estimated $50+ million dollars in program savings on a single major Airborne ISR platform over eight years of dedicated support.


Specific Areas of Expertise:

  • IP Network Architecture
    • Technical Requirements Definition
    • Architecture Development
    • Information Assurance
    • Certification and Accreditation
  • ISR TPED Architecture Expertise
    • ISR Platforms:
      • Global Hawk
      • Predator
      • BAMS-D
    • Networks:
      • DCGS WAN
      • DISA (DATMS & MSPP)
      • DREN
    • Exploitation Systems:
      • AF DCGS
      • Navy DCGS
  • Command and Control Communications Protocols
  • Communications system remoting solutions
  • Integration and Test:
    • Command and Control systems
    • Communications systems
    • External User Interoperability
    • RPA Flight Test
    • Operational Test and Evaluation
  • ATM Networking
  • Drawings and documentation
  • Logistics
  • Remotely-piloted aircraft operations
  • Airfield preparations and ground system deployment
  • Site surveys - Infrastructure, Networking, Communications and Airfield Requirements
  • Field Service Support - Ground Stations, Communications and Networks